Alienation looms deadly in my heart.   
                In my heart.          
                In my head.   

Alienation  -  the essence of my creativity,                            
                                                my death-wish,             
                      the fountain of my fears,             
                      the pinnacle of my success,             
                      the cause of my disillusionment.
Alienation is the only Godliness I know. 

Godliness, then, so sweet in itself,                 
                             must be murder.                         
                                             Murder upon the soul.                          
                                             Murder upon the body. 

I think of this,
I always think of this,               
                          as I venture out,                    
                                seeking a home,                             
                                               a sense of belonging,               
                             and as I fail,               
                             as I constantly fail. 

Still I remember,        
        and how can a man possessed ever forget?      
     I remember the dreams,                 
                        the aspirations,                 
                        and all the things         
           that seem never              
                 to lose their meaning,                 
                     regardless of the passage of time,                 
                     and the ceaseless quickening                     
                               of the mind,                                  
                                         the heart,                                           
                                                   and the body.      

I remember the appeal.   
               The appeal. 

I cannot forget the appeal.