Knowing You

I caress your naked back                 
                        with a sweating palm.    
I run my longing fingers            
                         along your delicate spine.    
I count your nodding vertebrate                
                       in my head.                
                       And I kiss each of them,                            
                                               as I move closer                                           
                                                                        to you                                                 
                                                                                  in bed.    

I know your naked body                         
                                       too well by now,                                         
                                                                  all too well,                                         
                                                                  all too well.      

Every bone.     
Every crevasse.    

And I have experienced                         
                                    so well                                
                                              the sensuous pleasures                                    
                                                    that you exude.    

And I know         
              all there is to know                         
                                  about your changing moods,                               
                                               your bouts,                               
                                               your spells.                               
                                               Your spells.    


I know you             
                all too well by now,

                                       all too well.