There is a hole,              
                a big hole,                         
                               in the clouds 
                               that covers the sky                         
                               that lays on top of me.              
                A gaping hole,              
                like an open mouth,              
                like a vulva,              
                ready to devour me,                     
                          to suck me back                    
                          into the very womb                    
                          that gave me birth.              
                A mother that misses me,                             
                                         longs for me,                                         
                                                            to return                              
                                           back in time                      
                            to the beginning,        
        to nothingness. 

Oh Mother,          
                  yearn no more.   
     I am on my way.   
     I am halfway there.
Can’t you see              
                   my head                    

                                          the clouds?