The Constant

Loss is a function of many variables.   
Loss is an equation that involves                             
                                          the logarithm of pain,                                      
                                                     with an unlikely base,        
        multiplied by the differential                           
                                     of frustration,                          
                                     and hate.        
        Plus fear.        
        Plus a sum of impenetrable walls.        
        Minus love,              
                        and comfort.        
        All raised to the power                          
                                          of the integral                                 
                                                       of an unintegrable quality                                                  
                                                                        of distances,                                                  
                                                                            and space.        
                          plus or minus C,                                 
                                                      where C is a constant,                                  
                                            the only constant in the equation.                   
                         A hapless constant                             
                                          that never happens by                                                

                                                             when you most need it.