The Jihadist

I am a warrior brother.        
        A holy warrior.   
I spit venom.   
I breathe fire.   
I am a destroyer,        
        a mercenary for hire,                        
                                  by God,                               
                                              my highest bidder,                               
                                              my one and only bidder.   
For you see,               
                   it's a question of honor                                  
                                               to me brother,                     
                        a matter of honor.   
For it, I'd wade           
             through the mire                       
                              of infidel blood,           
            and will not tire, brother.                         
                                    I cannot tire.                        
                                    I cannot tire.                                 
                                                The smells of paradise                                      
                                                        fill up both my nostrils.