The Romantic

I am obsessed                   
                   with you,          
                       by you.  

My life revolves around                             
                                    our brief                                       
                                    our sweet, secretive                                                  
              a planet turning                              
                                  on its axis,             
              an earth encircling                                 
                                         the sun,             
              an object                       
                           around a center.                              
                                        A center.  

For you are my center.     
You are my sun.  

         I ceaselessly hover         
                                  about you,           
              busily rotate,                          
                             around you,                   
                       stealing glimpses                                    
                                                 of you,                   
                       basking in the glow                                      
                                                      of you,                  
                       unable to break free                                        
                                                           from you                         
                                       to rid myself                                       
                                                          of you                          
                                       to leave you,                         
                                       to leave you.      
Not that I would ever                           
                                 want to,                                    
                                                 I need you.                                    
                                                 I need you.  

I need you                 
              to continue                             
                            to pull me                                       
                                          towards you,                
         forever drawing me                                    
                                      to you.                 

         Seducing me.                
         Sucking me                           


Let me be burnt                     
                        by the flame                                  
                                            of you,                     
                        the very sight                                    
                                            of you,                     
                        the feel                              
                                        of you,  

It would not matter                         
                             to me. 
It would not matter                         
                             to me.  
                                         I love you. 
                                         I love you.