The Schemer

When you laugh,        
          you laugh at me.                        
                                     I can see that.                              
                                              Yes, I can see.   
And when you mock someone,                     
                                                  it's usually me.                                     
                                                                 And I can feel that,                                               
                                                                     and it gets to me.   

        I bear all this                        
                                            For eventually,                                      
                                                   I plan to get you all,                                        
                                                     for all that you are doing
                                                                                      to me.          

And I will establish                    
                   my greatness                       
                            upon your glorious misery.                                                 
                                                                 And then...                

        And then,                   
                  it would not matter to me.                   
                  No. It would not matter to me,                           
                                 at whom you are laughing,                             
                                      or whether you should be laughing
                                                                                       at all.                   

        So long as I have the power,                                    
                                    the authority,                                        
                                              to do what I will.