The Tough

I am tough, you know.   
I am tough.   
I am tough.   
I am as hard               
                    as a nail.      

And I will issue neither cry,                               
                                      nor a wail,                              
                                      as you bite into                                      
                                                 my frail heart,                              
                                      and I begin to breathe                                             
                                                              the stale air                                                  
                                                                      of my very insides.   
I will curtail          
            all feelings of pain                              
                                          within me.     
And I will not fail                    
                          to look you                            
                                         in your very eyes,                       
                                  as I bleed                                  
                                                 in front of you                                                

                                                                         to my death.