Mad Physiognomy


I find myself in a deep state of confusion.

                              My judgment is unsound of late.                       
                              My vision blurred.
I am baffled.
I am dazed.

                              My convictions are shattered.

In bits and pieces. 

                              They scurry away. 

       In all directions.                             
                                At high speeds.

              My hands bleed. 
                                      In vain.

              My eyes cry for the dispelled illusions. 

Shrouded by skeins of pain.

                                  My body twitches.
                                                               And again. 

                                  My mind is in constant eruption.                        
                                  My fear is in constant flux.

Magma boils in my stomach.  
Lava flows run through my veins.  
Random images flood my magnet brain.

    Gravity pulls. 
                      My feet are stuck to the ground.                
                      My body, a pendulum, sways.           

          Frustration sears my soul.          
          Bitterness swirls within.          
          And waits... 
                           as anger crowds reason. 


              It is pushed out.
              Spit out.

              Bled out.