The Atheist


                    in the name of God,                                   
                                                     the Creator,                                   
                                                     the Care-Taker.   
                         in the name of God,                                     
                                                          the Dignifier,                                    
                                                          the Protector.   
                        in the name of God,                                      
                                                         the Architect,                                      
                                                         the Designer.   
                        in the name of God,                                     
                                                         the Thinker,                                     
                                                         the Wise.    
No one ever governs rightly,                               
                                             in the name of God,                                                  
                                                                              the Arbiter,                                                  
                                                                              the Just.   
Nothing good ever happens                             
                                           in the name of God,                                               
                                                                            the Good,                                               
                                                                            the Better.                                               
                                                                            The Better?   


I witnessed believers...killing.   
I witnessed believers...raping.   
I witnessed believers...thieving,                           
                                    and lying,                           
                                    and burning.   
I witnessed believers accepting                         
                                         their  miserable fate.    

If all this can be done                      
                               with faith in the heart,      
      then faith is meaningless,                                
                                            and so are you Sir,                                   
                                                                  so are you, God.   
That is why               
               I must be an atheist,                           
                                    regardless of whether                                         
                                                              you exist,                                                    
                                                                              or not.