The Vision and the Visionary

Get out of my head.   
Get out of my head.                     
                               Our time is passed.                     
                               Our moment is gone.                     
                               Our love is dead.    

So go ahead and wreck                   
                               the dreams                             
                                             of another dreamer                                               
     Go ahead.      
     Go right ahead.    

This one is tired                    
                         of being clothed and fed                                            
                                                             with your lies.   
This one is tired                    
                       of being led                                
                                         by the nose.                

     Yes, I am tired of being led.            
     Oh, how I am tired of being led.    

So let it be known,      
      and let it be said,          
            and let it be written,              
                   and let it be read,                                 
                                               that I'd rather be dead,
                                               yes, I'd rather be dead,      
    then let you again                        

    into my head.