The Enthusiastic and the Bureaucrat

I am certain of it,                      
                           I tell you sir.   
I am certain of it.   
I am certain of it.   
My success in this mission                             
                                           is beyond doubt.   
It is even pointless,              
               a total waste of time                                      
                                                to discuss it.
I have made all the relevant arrangements.   
I have taken all the necessary precautions.   
I have informed all the concerned parties.   
I have set all the appropriate schedules.

                                                                In short,     
       there is nothing left to do                      
                                   but to embark upon this mission.    

And for this, sir,                     
                        I still need your consent.       
     You seem to be withholding it                      
                     from me, sir.                                   
                                             I do not know why,                                    
                                             I do not understand.   
You have not offered me                
                        one single intelligible reason.   
It has been over a year now, sir,                                 
                                                 how long do I have to wait.