Under Patronage

Under the patronage of the President,         
         my mother gave birth to me,                                    
                                                in a backward hospital.    

Under the patronage of the President,         
         I managed to live through all                                      
                                                  the known childhood diseases.    

Under the patronage of the President,          
          I graduated from high school,           
               went on to college,           
                         I ventured out into the real world,                               
                                                into the real world,                                                   

And today,             
         and under the bloody patronage                       
                             of the fucking selfsame President,                          
                                  I shall put an end                                            
                                                          to my miserable,                                                  
                                                                    and worthless life.       
For I have finally found out                           
                               what I should have known                                        
                                                         way from the start,                                        
                                                         way from when I was still                                                      
                                                                                     in the cradle,             
          that there was no freedom                                      
                                             under patronage,                  
                  or justice,                  
                  or peace,                  
                  or dignity,              

          and that there could never be.                                        
                                                        But I yearn to be free.